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Plundering hell to
populate heaven …

The story of the mission organization Christ for all Nations

A blood-washed Africa – a continent washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ – that was the vision God gave Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke 40 years ago. Since that day he has been filled with the burning desire to take Africa for Jesus Christ.
The salvation of a continent is becoming a reality – “not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord“.

1974 – Africa
shall be saved!

Christ for all Nations was founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 after he had spent a number of years working as a regular missionary in Africa. His burning desire to see the nations saved grew out of a series of visions in which he saw the entire continent of Africa washed in the blood of Jesus and heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in his heart whispering “Africa shall be saved!” over and over again. This resulted in him stepping out in faith with a very small team and starting this evangelistic ministry to Africa –
“from Cape Town to Cairo.”

1974 – The Beginning

After moving to Johannesburg, (South Africa) in 1974 to focus more on evangelism after resigning his missionary position with the Missions Board he worked for since 1968, Reinhard drove past a large abandoned farmhouse, and at that moment the Holy Spirit said, “This is your new headquarters building.”

Its landscaping was overgrown and unattended but it fitted the need. Without any money in hand, Reinhard went to the owners and made an offer. They accepted and Reinhard soon had received enough money to close the deal. The renovated farmhouse became the new CfaN headquarters.

Christ for all Nations was founded there in Witfield, South Africa on December 6, 1974.

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Read the story of how Reinhard and his wife Anni founded CfaN to accommodate the vision for a blood-washed Africa.

1975 – More than formed … launched in fire!

In 1975, the Holy Spirit prompted Reinhard to go to Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, and conduct a large campaign in a 10,000-seater stadium. But the first night no more than 100 were present …

Nonetheless, this first mass evangelistic outreach in Gaborone became the prototype of all future CfaN campaigns.

Gaborone Campaign

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1978 – The “Yellow Tent”

CfaN’s evangelistic meetings were often hampered by the bad African weather. Since 1974 Reinhard Bonnke and his team had been holding outreach meetings in southern Africa in a small tent which provided shelter for around 800 people, but that tent was soon not big enough for the vast numbers of people who wanted to attend the meetings. Something had to be done! CfaN needed a larger tent – large enough for 10,000 people. This was called the "Yellow Tent".

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1984 – The “Big Tent”

Soon the “Yellow Tent” also became too small for the masses that flocked to the meetings. Over the next few years it became increasingly obvious that an even larger tent was needed, as the Lord had expanded the vision even further: “The day of the sickle is past. This is the day of the combine harvester!”

The Big Tent

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1986 – The Fire Conference in Harare

This first Fire Conference was held in Harare, Zimbabwe and more than 4,000 delegates from 41 African states took part in the week-long event. At the back of the stage, a huge globe with a banner reminded the people why they were there and it was a clear expression of CfaN’s vision: “Africa shall be saved!”

The very first Fire Conference

1987 – The Fire Conferences

The powerful working of God in Africa also inspired faith for spiritual renewal in Europe. Led by the Holy Spirit, CfaN also began to arrange Fire Conferences in Europe, the aim being to motivate Christians in the Western world for evangelism. The first “Euro-Fire” was held in Frankfurt in 1987; one year later the venue was Birmingham, England, moving to Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, in 1990. All these conferences have had a lasting impact beyond national borders.

International Fire Conferences

1990 – Under an Open Heaven

During the 1980s, the CfaN team was gradually moving north from South Africa into the rest of the vast continent and time after time the meetings seemed to explode in size. Reinhard Bonnke gave up preaching in tents and most campaigns have since been held on large open spaces.

CfaN’s 1990 campaign in Kaduna, Nigeria attracted a crowd of 500,000 people eager to hear the gospel.

The CfaN meetings concluded with a total attendance of 1,670,000. CfaN had never seen a greater campaign in history before that date.

In this one campaign in Nigeria, Reinhard and his team had preached to more people than in the entire year of 1987, just three years before!

1991 – Now That You Are Saved

“Now That You Are Saved” is the follow-up booklet used at every campaign. Over 90 million copies have been printed and published in more than 50 languages.

CfaN follow up system

1994 – From Minus to Plus

In 1992 God gave Reinhard Bonnke another task – to reach other parts of the world with the Gospel. That was the start of the “From Minus to Plus” project, the goal of which was to reach unchurched people in the Western world with the Gospel in the form of a missionary booklet that was delivered by post straight to their homes.

Overall, 93 million copies of the booklet have now been printed worldwide.

“From Minus To Plus”

1987 - 1999

In the 13 years from 1987 until the end of 1999, more than 42 million people attended CfaN’s Great Gospel Campaigns. Ten million of them made a decision for Jesus Christ and were included in the follow-up programs run by the local church fellowships.

The salvation of a continent was becoming a reality – “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty”.

1999 – The Start of the Great Nigerian Outpouring

In November 1999, it was as if God were shifting into a “higher gear”. Because of the political situation, since the early 1990s all missionary activity had been banned in Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa.

When power changed hands and evangelism was permitted again, Reinhard Bonnke and his team immediately started planning a number of campaigns in Nigeria – home to nearly one-quarter of the population of Africa – in an effort to make up for more than eight years when the country had been closed to them.

1999 – A Great 25th Anniversary!

From December 6 to 12, 1999, exactly 25 years after starting the ministry on December 6, 1974, as many as 525,000 people attended just one service in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. In the six days of this Great CfaN Gospel Campaign, more than 2.1 million came to the meetings, and more than 1.1 million accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. What a way to celebrate an anniversary!

2000 – The Year of the Millennium Crusade

Since CfaN has been back to Nigeria, there have been more than 100 Gospel campaigns mainly in Nigerian towns and cities, a veritable triumphal Gospel march. In the very first campaign in Benin City, 500,000 people attended just one meeting and over the six-day event a total of two million was counted. The campaign was followed by others in Port Harcourt, Calabar and Aba. In those four campaigns alone, 4 million people made decisions for Jesus.

At the end of April 2000, the Evangelist preached to 210,000 people in Khartoum, the capital of Muslim-governed Sudan.

During the six-day campaign, more than 130,000 people, most of them Muslims, made decisions for Jesus.

Some six million people attended the six-day campaign in Lagos, Nigeria, the eighth largest city in the world. The final meeting on November 12, 2000 was attended by 1.6 million people. It was like looking out across a huge tossing sea of people. It was the largest crowd in the history of Christ for all Nations.

Over 1.6 Million People Attended the Meeting on the Final Night

Around 200,000 trained counselors handed out a total of 3.9 million “Now That You Are Saved” booklets to the respondents and collected
3.4 million completed decision cards.

In parallel with the campaign, a Fire Conference was held in the national stadium in Lagos. It was attended by some 80,000 pastors, evangelists and churchworkers.

The outreach in Ibadan in 2001 – 3.9 million visitors over five days, 1.3 million at the closing meeting and 2.65 million decision cards completed – was the second largest CfaN campaign to date.

2003 – The Year of a Double Harvest

In 2003, CfaN intensified its evangelistic efforts, almost doubling the number of campaigns in Nigeria. This was the year of the “double harvest!”

Ten awesome outpourings of God’s love and grace engulfed the nation as more than 7.5 million souls embraced the saving power of Jesus Christ. God strongly demonstrated His healing virtue, His delivering freedom and unifying anointing among the churches. CfaN saw a total of 7,571,987 salvations in this year of “double harvest”.

2004 – Full Flame
Film Series

In this unique eight-part film series Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke reveals the remarkable principles that have revolutionized his life and ministry. Each film leaves the viewer with the encouraging impression: “I can do it, too! Now I know that God’s promises are just as valid for me as for Reinhard Bonnke or anyone else!”

The Full Flame Film Series

2007 – The Next Generation Begins

In 2007 a young evangelist joined CfaN and started preaching before Reinhard at some of the campaigns. Reinhard commented, “I saw this young man preaching and knew that he had the heart of an evangelist”. The young man, Daniel Kolenda, continued preaching at the campaigns and, over the following years, started taking a forefront role. Reinhard preached at one or two meetings and Daniel preached at the remainder, until Reinhard eventually decided to leave a few of the campaigns to Daniel entirely. The same crowds turned out for Daniel as for Reinhard. The harvest and salvations continued.

About Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

2010 – Living A Life Of Fire

“Living A Life Of Fire,” the autobiography by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is the amazing life story of one of the world’s most successful promoters of the Christian message.

He often says he went from “zero to hero,” which is an accurate portrayal of the youngest son of preacher from a small village in Northern Germany.

The “fire” in this title refers to Bonnke’s continual partnership with and reliance on the Holy Spirit throughout his life and ministry. This book is not a Pentecostal apologetic, but a challenge to Christians everywhere to embrace the same Biblical doctrine which Bonnke has employed with astonishing success.

Read the heart-moving first pages of “Living A Life Of Fire”.

First Page

2000 - 2014

In the years from early 2000 until the end of 2014, a total of more than 97 million people attended over 100 campaigns, mainly in West African towns and cities. Decisions for Jesus Christ were made by more than 63 million people, documented through a personal decision card.

2014 – CfaN Today

After some tremendous years of salvation, healing, deliverance and Holy Spirit outpouring, the team, led by Daniel Kolenda, is launching into many new countries in Africa in answer to calls for help from the churches.

All of this is solidly undergirded by the proven follow-up system CfaN uses to integrate new converts into the churches. This requires translating, printing and shipping follow-up literature in various languages, many months before the particular events.

Daniel now serves as the President and CEO of Christ for all Nations, and under his leadership CfaN is pressing on with a commitment to leverage every technology and opportunity God makes available available for the great cause of winning souls. Daniel is leading the ministry into the future with empowered engagement in CfaN‘s main purpose … strategic, intentional and relentless worldwide evangelism.

Interview with Daniel

2014 – The Current Campaigns

What is the “secret” that makes CfaN’s mission work so effective? The major evangelistic campaigns in Africa are planned strategically many months in advance and are held in close cooperation with local church fellowships. Support comes from a broad spectrum of Christian churches and fellowships including Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Charismatic fellowships and so on. Usually, several hundred church fellowships cooperate in up to 16 different working groups and thus grow closer together.

More about the Great Gospel Campaigns

2015 – Can you see the Day of Harvest that lies before you?

The revival flame is igniting across the southern hemisphere, once called the Third World, and now into India, China and the Pacific and Indian ocean islands. Christ is striding through the earth. Mere religious forces have no answer for Him. He is our message.

Scoffers ask, “Why does the African harvest not happen in Europe or America?”

I say, why not in Europe and America? The ground is never too hardened. For two centuries, Africa did not yield a harvest, though the noblest of God’s servants sowed the seed there. The Dark Continent became the graveyard of Christian workers, more difficult than America or Europe today. Yet in our time, we have seen the tide shift, as it has also shifted in South America and the Orient. If the tide can shift there, it can also rise like a great tsunami to overflow America and Europe once again. I believe it. Dare to believe with me!

“For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

Reinhard Bonnke

The Story Goes On

What we at Cfan have seen over the last 40 years is unprecedented in history. Rejoicing, we look back - not revelling in the past, but strengthened in faith to take on the years ahead.

The best is yet to come…

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